The official zx2ms 'GTA IV' thread!

who bought it, who loves it!

So the combat system is 100,000x better. Cover system, more accurate and better shooting. hell, there’s even ways to “finish” people/targets if there is a blinking cursor you can actually do a finishing move with certain weapons…

The cars are very detailed, so is the city. It’s insane how you can cover behind almost anything in the city to get behind cover to shoot at stuff. it’s also pretty crazy how in collisions there is pretty realistic car damage, not to mention if you catch and edge while you’re e-braking at high speed you CAN flip your car and roll it, etc… pretty intense!

So far the storyline is really good and I won’t ruin any of it. But it’s great! i’ve now driven a lot of cars and a ferrari and a viper now. i hear there is lambos too…

the radio stations are funny as hell as always, my favorite is “PLR”, it i hilarious to listen to “Public Liberty Radio”. My favorite discussion was about the kid who had liberal parents who’s dad made a movie and homeschooled the kid who turned out to be a smart ass lol and the kid wants to kill people to solve world hunger… and then he pisses off the old guy and gives the kid a spanking. Crazy ass hilarious radio show.

Oh and for anyone wondering… it looks AMAZING in HD!

I’m watching the cabaret club video right now, talk about wacky. It’s also funny how they poke fun at ‘coffee’ as an inside joke from the last GTA.

I also like the fact that you can do a nice smoky burnout if you sit in one spot and burn the tires off long enough. AND to top it off, you can do it for long enough and actually BLOW the tire and drive on the rims.

Now i know everyone is going to go do burnouts just to try it LOL! Oh and try not to mix up your e-brake button with the enter/exit car button… i went sideways, rolled out of the car and the car pile drove me into the wall and i died LOL.

And sportbikes are great. I had a mission where i had a passenger, i stole a sportbike, so my passenger hopped on that and i was going around a corner, cut it too close to a light pole and it clothes lined him LOL! talk about funny!

I cant wait to get this. Im anticipating this so much, just dont have the money to get it at the moment. My coworker was telling that there is alot that you can do in the game like go on dates with different women, and you have to keep in mind what each women likes to do.

there’s even crazy preachers

from what ive hearsd theres also multiplayer. Hook up with a chick in your vette that you just stole lol. Now i thought the caves on creek was my gratto now i can picxk up in a bad ass ride to take them tyhere

I think my copy is coming in the mail today!!! I can’t wait. I plan on skipping class to play it all tonight. I think i should nap through class now so im ready! How are the random jumps situation. All the old GTA4 had some random jumps that were fun to hit.

There were some nice jumps in the game that I have seen so far. I picked up my copy yesterday. The mini-games are cool also. I think the story for this one is the best story so far, and the jokes are incredibly funny.