the new zx2 for 07

2 words mixed into one:


But that’s just my opinion.

I kinda of like it. I definately see a resemblence to the ZX2 on the profile body lines. That rear end is pretty nice also!!!

the back looks like an older accord…don’t like it

Don’t like it. Too tall, fenders look retarded, short front end and looks like a Ganny car.

now i like it i see the zx2’s general body lines and the facia looks like a updated 03 front. But as of now this focus coupe doesnt have a name but if Ford keeps the ZX logos on the focus this will be the next ZX2

It looks like a Volvo. Not too ugly, but not sporty enough for myself.

  • Darron

Looks like it has some unnessary weight to it.

hmm… i like the look but it seems to be something my mom would drive to work and not something i’d try to take to say the track or race… i dunnoo…

I like da car Roush…some mods…better rims, dark windows…some thing else & ready.

it will be a hott ass car with the right paint job and mods done to it

Too euro . looks like everything else!, I dont care what the specs are, mine car looks faster sitting still…

the real question is… is it going to be a hardtop convertible?

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I am so there…

“You could sugar coat it all you want, it’s still a turd!”

Exactly right…it does look Euro. I see some Volvo in there. But you know what else I see…Scion TC.

I think both…

I’d buy the convertible one with blue paint and white interior… then turbocharge it.

by how it looks…and how the car market is going today…I bet it weights a little more than we would want it to.


With the way gas prices are going up, I can see them changing it to a hybrid very soon. Perhaps even some other fuel alternative.

i cant see the pics