The Hatch

Well heres my other ride. Although it might be gone before too long.

When I got it minus the 16s

The neons inside

The plans I had for it

About a year or so later

Fixing the body work that I got screwed on(long story) and fixing the motor

Racing Seats

When I had my 10K HIDs on the car, that later got pulled over for

The new color, well was supposed to be (PPG #5110 Ford Indigo Blue Metallic)

When I had it laid out on air

And now this is how it sits til I fix the fuel leak

looks like it’s coming along nicely

Its come along way since I bought it and it was stock. But this car has put me through hell a few times for sure. So def don’t know if I wanna keep pourin money into it or not

Nice most people if I am correct love doing a B18 with a GSR swap tranny in them. The honda’s do have a huge aftermarket but aren’t as unique and felt as put together as a zx2. These cars are great handling cars for sure that we own and have a great style to them.

Yeah I actually had a B18 motor that I got for free, but sold it for $50 to find out later it was trashed, so lucky break there. But yeah everyones got Civics and not much you can’t do with them to make them unique although I had a few ideas that would’ve set it apart. But in realitly puttin it up for sale now, really want to get a truck, but take what I can get I guess.

Trucks are great for doing stuff around the house with I am finding more and more about. I want to keep my Mazda for DD, Z for summer car and get a truck coming up here as well. Sounds like you pretty much made your mind up about the civic.

Well as far as truck, wantin one I can either drop on air ride, love bagged trucks, or one I can lift, if I can’t have both but that won’t be anytime soon lol.

Yeah but the Civic, it was supposed to be painted a long time ago. Had a guy that was gonna do it for me and we were gonna trade favors. I’d do graphic design and help get him business for him to custom paint my car. Well he got halfway through my car and stopped til I got on him about doin it. And eventually stopped completely so I went and picked up my car and nothing ever got done. So I started working on it to get it preped for my uncle to spray and found out that he screwed up a good bit on the car. So I’ve had to resand the entire car, still have a huge ass dent where the quarter behind the driver side door got sucked in when they welded up the piece that shaved the side molding. Then, he didn’t gap the front fenders or doors right so they hit and tore up both the front fenders. Tore a hole in my rear bumper when he molded it to the car, left a hole in the front bumper where he patched part of it. :evil: And had a ton of bondo in just random places. So just a lot of crap has gone on while I had it and I really am to the point of deciding if its worth put another 2000 bucks in it. Which actually I was quoted 2000 bucks just to fix what he screwed up and to paint it too. Needless to say, wasn’t happy. But thats the brief story on the car.

That’s a pretty insane story right there. That is too bad he didn’t finish it but even worse that he screwed up badly. 2k is pretty steep to put in a car but then again its up to you if this is the car that you want to keep for the rest of your life when its done.

Well in a way I’m glad he didn’t finish it. He was planning on doing stuff with it that I wasn’t wanting. He was gonna put graveyard scenes all over it, grim reapers, and tomb stones, etc. all over. In a way I wanted to see how it would’ve come out but wasn’t what I wanted. I just wanted a simple 2 tone for it.

But not worried about it really anymore, think I’m gonna put it up for sale for $3,500 obo or trade. Just don’t have time to mess with it anymore

I hear ya bro. Projects can be a huge nightmare but rewarding. Its a whole time thing. With at least the z you have a great platform already and can just do minor modification’s and be happy with it.

Yeah, just to the point in my life I need to get some stuff figured out. I love the car to death, even more with the swap in it but got other important things. Looking at going back to school to either further my study in graphic design, which I kinda don’t want to or go be a machinist. And on the other hand also looking at possibly getting a house and getting on my feet. But who knows.

Isn’t it hard at times in life to make decisions like that. Stuff runs through my mind as well and it feels that there is so much to do and so little time to do it in. I hope the best for you on your journey and it looks as your on your way to the right path.

Well its about to go under the knife for some serious surgery. Got to fix one small thing before that, clicking in the front but new axles, so hoping something small. But surgery is consisting of possible 96-00 model front conversion, tube frame up front, tubed in rear, cantilever air ride setup, will lay on on the body, full interior to be redone… hopefully all or mostly before next show season. I’ll post pics of the progress

can’t wait to see the pics of the progress man, very cool. good work.

The guy who works with me is a Honda freak. He has a 98 EX coupe and is gathering up his stuff for an H22 swap. Me? I’m sticking with my non valve bending Mexican Mazda (ZX2) but I have an 86 Fiero SE V6 waiting in the wings.

post some pics

Well the plan was to put it under the knife but this past weekend the transmission started clicking, progressively getting worse. So I think I might end up letting it go before it even gets to the point of cutting and all. Lately with it, its been one thing or another just to keep it driving right and on the road. Sad to say that I’m probably gonna sell it, was the dream to have it as a show car and have some fun with it.

But if I do let it go, did find a Mustang that looks good I might go after if its still around…

Well might as well update this too… Got some work done with it over the past few months, made a show or two. Dropping it off Monday at the body shop to get everything straight and then color primered til I decide my paint scheme. Won’t be in actual paint til winter. Not gonna have this for a month, gonna miss driving it :frowning:

Before I split my front bumper hitting a pot hole

Got bored at the shop and did some skulls on my hood, does say “The Brain” below too, my nickname…

How she looks right now as I take her to the shop

i dig skulls.