The Code of Road Racing

These are guidelines that I have come up with safe road racing. Every car tuner should follow these rules out there because these guidelines pertain to 4cyls -12cyls vehicles. By no means am I endorsing street racing.

  1. Never race in your neighborhood.

  2. If you are about to race and you notice children in the car, you never race.

  3. Always wear your seatbelt.

  4. Whenever looking for a race challenges always go up the ladder. (example: a Mazda 6 can challenge a Corvette, but not a Civic)

  5. Never race on a street you don’t know.

  6. Never race on a street with fewer than 3 lanes of traffic. Racing on roads with 3 lanes is OK, but you must be on the side with the double lane.

  7. Know your opponent if you are setting up a race. If you have heard your opponent has anger issues, don’t race them.

  8. Only race if there is no or minimal traffic on the road.

  9. If racing on the highway, never force a person to change lanes. Skill is required at high speeds and you don’t need the police pulling every tuner over because you forced someone into another car.

  10. Do not draw extreme attension to yourself (little dog syndrome).

  11. Never talk shit about another racers ride until you have raced it. Doesn’t matter if you own a Dodge Viper, just don’t.

  12. Loser always pays for the first round of beers.

If you have any rules I haven’t thought of, please post and I will add them.

Good guidelines. We should call it the CODE!

I second that

you forgot always save a shot of NOS in case being chased by the cops.

Always wear a seatbelt

Or at least know how to drive.

Um I might have a bit more insight about tow smasher evasion. Skill and speed won’t guarantee success. They have strength in numbers and there’s a good chance they’re already ahead of you. Plus racing is way different than being chased… Very primal.

All out lunacy won’t prevail either.

Heh, lunacy rarely prevails. :slight_smile:

Good find Darth. That was awesome. Two completely saved spins and the third worked only 'cause of the wall.

  • Darron

I love it how you can hear the cheers of everyone in the news room as the dude escapes each attempt.

Never race a bike that MIGHT be faster than you.

which means most bikes…

I break that one all the time! It’s hilarious to see them just go flying away! I love it! :evil:

  • Darron

I just remembered a civic that was racing in front of the apartments that I used to work at. The street isn’t completely strait, it has a bend on end. At 1 AM this fool just keeps on going strait, hits the concrete curb strait on, busts all four wheels and tires, and nearly hits a powerline. Rule #5 reminded me of that incident. Just one word, MORON! LOL