The ChickXpress Chicken Chucker

lol… I cant stop laughing… I know I shouldnt and that PETA is probably going to be on me like white on rice but I have to post this

it amazes me the creativity we humans have.

That might just be the most random thing I’ve ever seen. WHat the hell is it that flicks em like that?

shit, what a mad people!

LOL that made me laugh.

I can imagine a chicken “ZOMG! WEEEE”

Brought in crates, piled to the top of the bus, dumped onto a conveyer belt and then shot out from the end. Did this video disturb anyone else how those animals are handled/treated?

It kind of upsets me. Owell, back to my Spicy BBQ Chicken Strips.

Lol!! F-u-n-n-y!! :lol: As far as I could tell there were none hurt so its all good:) Must be fun for them to experience flying for a brief seacond :stuck_out_tongue:


well i was gonna watch it but umm our school blocked it because of “adult content/ pronography”

WTF? is it porn lol?

no but most of the content on the site is adult oriented

it lets me play this game

one of the lil freshman perverts discovered this… guess hes tryin to work on his game but everyone should definately play… its quite funny

lol @ high school kiddie proxies.

that game is funny as shit

I got one thing to say…



yea and whats really sad is the guys in my class are REALLY good at the game…

makes you wonder what they are really doing in their other classes doesnt it…

Actually i dont have to wonder… they need to add a second level to that game where another girl is watching… then lets see how good they are… because al the other girls notice just not the one hes lookin at.