That biatch got driven OUT OF TOWN!

Not sure if anyone has seen that psychotic lady from the westboro church who thinks that its cool to protest funerals for the family of the soldiers that are fallen and make a mess of people’s private times at funerals… but anyway, that bitch came down to try to protest a soldier HERE in MY TOWN and the lady struck up SO MUCH anger that a group of bikers came down to honor the fallen hero and soldier and intervened saying “We came to honor a fallen soldier and to guard this funeral and will take any means necessary to protect the family.” The police threatened to take them to jail if they came within 50 ft of the funeral and they didn’t even show up at the funeral, they came to town and DID NOT EVEN SHOW UP. They ran with their tails between their legs!

Central oregon love biatches! :twisted:

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Someone had to shut her uo…

That woman is nuts. Good job Oregon.

The says, “Thank God for IEDs, Thank God for Dead Babies, Thank God for Dead Soldiers.”

She seems to think that it is Gods will for Americans to die for the sins of America. Yet I bet she wouldn’t think that it was Gods will if she got smacked in the face or her church burned to the ground.

She uses bits and pieces of the Bible to the advantage of her argument. But the Bible is big and says more that what she preaches.

If you don’t know who we are talking about, here are two clips of her:

they came out here to around where i live and the same group of bikers showed up to protect

Its people like that lady that make christians look bad. It’s sad really:( Not all christians are like that. I hate when some people act like they are all perfect and don’t sin. We all sin and fall short. I totally agree with mirror, you can’t just take bits and pieces of the bible and say it means such and such you have to look at the whole thing.
I am so glad that that crazy woman wasn’t able to get near the funeral and disrupt it. That is just so rude and disrespectful that she does that in the first place.


those people are the reason I dont goto church. I have faith, but I refuse to subject myself to their ignorance.

Dude, not all Christians are like that…in fact very FEW Christians are like that. I can tell you this, she is NOT a true Christian. She calls herself one, but the truth is that she’s not. If she were a true Christian, instead of hating and protesting, she’d be loving and helping these families. Yes, America is very much against God in terms of divorce, sex outside of marriage, gayness, violence and what not…but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love us all still, or that he desires for us to go to Hell. In fact, and I’m as guilty of any, he wants us to step up and love Him and every person in an attempt to bring them to Him that the should NOT perish, but be with Him for all eternity.

To sum up, I’m glad that ya’ll think she’s crazy and insane, but please don’t let her skew your view of Christianity. What she’s all about is NOT what we’re all about. We’re about loving Christ and others, and striving to be perfect and Christ-like. Yes, we screw up, but that’s what His love and grace are for… I pray that some day all who haven’t already discovered this will find it to be true before it’s too late.

I love you guys like brothers,

  • Darron

aren’t these the same people who go around protesting that being gay is a sin? and that gay people are all going to hell? I know that at one point they were…

The bikers are called the “Freedom Riders” and there’s branches of them all over the US. They go around to soldier’s funerals to keep these people away, and the ones here in Nebraska drive down to Fort Riley, Kansas to escort the buses up when the soldier’s come home.

I wish this chick would come around here my wife would tear her a new ass. Without breaking a sweat

Sorry Darron I should probably clarify. I didn’t mean that I dont believe. I do have faith, I know theres a higher power that is looking out for me and everyone else. I just dont put faith in organized religion.

I wear a gaurdian angel on my armor whenever I ride, my last accident I firmly believe I wasn’t hurt because of my faith.

I grew up in both the baptist and methodist church. I used to be an AWANA scout, only a few pins from being a scout leader. I seen both the good and the bad of the church (mostly good).

One more note… Through out my short 25 years I have seen organized religion tear apart my family. The current situation with my grandmother has only created a greater divide between brothers and sisters, aunts and uncle, and different denominations. :shock:

My relationship between me and my God is just that… My relationship between me and my God. And that goes for everyone. I worship in my own way.

BTW I wasn’t taking anything personal, I just felt that I needed to explain my position.


We love you like a brother also!

IDK if these freedom riders were there or not but some of my fellow members in the Patriot Guard did attend that service. If you guys haven’t heard it you should join if interested. Basically you sign up, 100% free, and you get updates and notified of any local funerals of fallen soldiers in the war. Then basically a road trip is setup for the members who can to attend and they basically go there and have big American flags that they stretch out and block any protesters posters and such. And with there bikes revving they block out any chatter from them too. They escort the funeral cars also. They basically shield the family from any disrespect.

Tp sign up or get moire info on us, go here

Cool. I know that religion can tear families apart…but it can bring 'em back to. I know what you mean about relationship with Him though. That’s really what it’s all about anyway. It’s not going to church that saves you, it’s the relationship you have with Him that save you. My grandparents were catholic and when they found out my mom had become a Christian, they pretty much disowned her. Thankfully when my grandma was on her way out a few months ago she also converted, and now even my grandpa is questioning catholicism.

And on the topic of joining the groups. If I were still working at Kroger and weren’t getting married, I’d be all over joining up and helping out these families. Unfortunately, I can’t commit the time/money to do so right now. But my prayers are definitely with the families and all those protecting them. Maybe this lady will get her butt whooped by someone. :slight_smile:

  • Darron

As an Airman, I’d like to thank you guys for your support… I really, deeply appreciate it… It’s the little shows of support, and hearing about people who support us that make our jobs so much easier.

Thanks so much, from your local Airman, and ZX2MS friend,

And we appreciate everything that your doing for us, Pip! If it weren’t for you airman and grunts we wouldn’t be able to show you our support!

NO Christians are like that…she may call herself one, but not all who claim they are Christian are…

It makes me sick to see that group of nuts going around protesting at funerals…protest all you want through towns, but respect the families. These young men and women gave their lives so that people like that have the right to protest; I don’t think it’s too much to ask for everyone to respect the family.

Here is an audio clip from my Radio Station, 103.3 the EDGE.

Shirley Roeper Phelps talks to Shredd and Regan.
This clip can be downloaded but it is big (51.8Mb).

I’m with lostdog. Don’t have much to say other than I echo the sentiments of everyone here. Plus as a Christian it pains me to see people like that soiling my faith.

It’s too bad she’s getting so much publicity. And the fact that the media does continue to acknowledge and promote her does prove that she’s right to a point. That the nation as a whole is no longer following God’s word as it was when the nation was first born. Unfortunately she’s going about the message in the absolute opposite direction it should be addressed. Why couldn’t she claim to be Bhuddist or Muslim. She wouldn’t get the publicity if she were to be anything other than Christian. ~sigh~

  • Darron

I just loved that my local radio station had her on and called her out on being a Merchant Christian. She picks and chooses to prove her point.

Her and people like her make me extremely sad as a Christian. It really is sad that she gets so much publicity. It would be nice if someone were able to put her in her place and make her see the light and all of the wrong she is doing. But since her mind is so twisted it probably wont ever happen, it doesn’t seem that it will anyway.