*TEXAS* Team Hazumi is looking for team members....read PLZ!

I am part of a team in Abilene, Tx…most of our members are here in Abilene but we have a few that are out of town.

Most of the cars on the team are DSM’s and SRT’s but there are a few different cars…I drive a '00 zx2, we also got a '02 focus sedan, a VW jetta 1.8t, and a few other cars.

We are looking for any zetec fords that would like to be a part of our team…to be a part of the team you need to be active within the team. Pretty much all you gotta do is be active on the forum a little bit and give imput to anything you would like.

It will probably take a few weeks of us getting to know you on the forum for you to be an offical part of the team.

We plan a lot of local meets in Abilene, Tx but are planning a few full-team meets in the near future.

If you are interested just come visit our site and forum…www.teamhazumi.com


Nobody interested i guess???

Everybody in the southern states is welcome actually…just will cause problems if you wanna make it to a meet.

Sorry dude. I’m up here in the Northeast.

Sheesh man, give it more than one day, lol. Settle down nah!

lol…i talked to some of the members that started the team and you have to be turbo…or going turbo in the near future.

picky picky picky

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

yeah…they want all turbo cars. Flip…pretty much the leader of the team…is about done with building his 1990 GSX…should run 10’s in the 1/4 with a 14b turbo.

All I can say about the mods is that he dropped 6k into the bottom end alone… :shock:

his name is “FLIP” i have no comment on that one…

Flip-- er where are you
who said that; not me

WAHOO!! texarkana arkansas here! lol… umm but my car has to have a new hood :cry:

lol…his real name is Philip…we just all call him Flip.

Thats funny. Lol! We used to have a sales person here at work named Phillip and they called him Flip too. What a Kawinkie Dink:)