Tempie, meet your sister, Missy

Today I was working on the 924 a bit, what a hassle… run in with the drum brakes. But I always make a positive moment out of my day, no matter how frustrated or pissed I get. So I whipped out the Nikon and snapped a few pictures.

For those that have never seen a 924, or a 944… you can see how they progressed through time. The 924 is of course, the first, and it eventually morphed into it’s sister car, the 944 (the red one).





beautiful! They still giving them away like hot cakes by you?

Is the bra going to stay on or eventually taking it off?

once i get it repainted it’s going bye bye

nice…i wonder how hard that car will be to blend in the paint.

A training bra on a Porche? I thought it was a bit more refined.