teh N00b!

ay yes, i am teh n00b.

although not new to teh forums, i am new here. i decided to join as i just got home from the dealership with an '03 zx2. car is damn gorgeous altho the fender gap looks awkward.

I’m also a true Ford guy, owned many Fords throughout my 24 years of exsistence… currently tho, i own the zx2, an '87 LTD, and a '92 Grand Marquis. my LTD is my pride & joy, i absolutley LOVE that car, but gas prices, and the fact its damn near impossible to find a parking spot big enough for my panthers, i bought the Zx2.

I’ll post pix later. but yeea, i’m heere.

welcome to the zx2 boards and happy modding lol
hope you enjoy our little comunity any questions just ask

Welcome to the site.

enjoy and surf around here



The 2003 looks nice, get some springs to rid yourself of that monster truck gap. Check out http://www.teamzx2.com to.

Welcome to ZX2MS!!! We hope you find everything you need here! any questions just ask, but please do a search first. We have covered many topics here already and you may find everything that your looking for just by typing a simply keyword into the search box!!!

you talkin to me…?

thanks, springs are next on the list

I’ve been on teamzx2 for a long time…ever since i bought my car in may 2003

Welcome to the forum! Glad to see another Ford fan. So I’m assuming you know all about the love of Ford and the hate of working on them :lol:

Either way, the ZX2 is a good car, congrats :slight_smile:

I’m talking to the guy that started the thread.

yeea theres more fender gap on there than my old F-150…

i’m definetley gonna lower it later on once i become finanically stable again.