TeamZX2 Forums

Has anybody ever ventured over to and read some of there forums. WOW! All they do is bitch at eachother. I thought sometimes over here we get alittle iffy with eachother but it’s regoddamndiculous over there. And they talk about everything but Z’s, did you read the forum about finger girls and butt sex? LOL, funniest thing I’ve ever read in my life I think. Anyways I’m pretty sure a couple of members on this site belong to that site also, which is cool. BTW what the hell happened to people posting on here, is the zx2 just dying…I really want to meet some of you people. Locally of course.

sure leave us long distancers out to dry!! lol!

yeah i saw the butt sex thread! lol!

did you see the one “letter to my poo”


Long distance, Mark?? Hahahahaha, you have no idea. I’m 3000 miles away from most of you, lol.