Tax Return

What to do with my tax return money??

~ Pay off some bills
~ Buy Rims for my mustang
~ Buy a Digital SLR Camera
~ Build a new PC

Not sure what to do. I think bills would be the smart thing here. What do you guys think?

Well, it depends on what you’re getting back. You could, if you really wanted, get some rims/tires then put the rest towards bills…of course, if your bills are that bad, you could pay those off, and then the money you save by not paying bills you could put towards your rims. I have a hard time believing that your computer is that outdated you need another already. :wink: And I have no idea how much the SLR camer is…but with your skills and usage, it’s likely to be worth the investment should you get it.

  • Darron

I think I am just gonna do bills lol. I want a Digital SLR Really bad right now. So I think its either bills or the camera. I have allot of bills from school and some CC debt also so maybe it should just be bills. Or I just save it and do nothing with the money for right now. Just sit on it for a bit and give me some room financially in case anything comes up. As a contractor I have no paid time off or sick leave. I get paid hourly and if I don’t work I don’t get paid.

I’d go for the bills. You will save on the interest, and then you can save up the money you would otherwise be paying bills with.

Jen has a Digital SLR, and it’s pretty sweet. :sunglasses:

I would go for CC bills too!

bills…depending on how much you get back; set some aside for fun stuff as well…paid bills and bought a Wii with mine…

Maybe next year we’ll actually get a refund and I’ll get a 360. :slight_smile: But right now I’m struggling to break even…damn boss at old job…GGRRRRRR!!! :x :x :x :x

  • Darron

Hang in there Darron! it gets better!

pay of bills thats what i did, and damnnn does it feel good not to have that huge debt

bills for the win.