tape deck to shum-shum

hello i have a 98 zx2 and its got a stock tape deck, i just put in 2 rear 6x8 Infinity Rs, 6812cf, power: 60RMS, 180w peak, and i haven’t looked at the fronts yet, but i got um, they were in the same 4-speaker set,(ripped um out my gf’s car :lol:) and im not looking for any kind of major boom boom, but instead really good interior speakers that can get some good shum-shum when i listen to my metal, just wondering how to get the face panel off( I’ve tryed coat hangers and i don’t wanna go buy the tool), and get a cheap CD player and maybe a small amp, preferably from target (gf gets employee discount)

Cd receivers:

[url=http://www.target.com/b/ref=in_br_display-ladders/601-8786646-6515358?ie=UTF8&node=13923511]http://www.target.com/b/ref=in_br_displ ... e=13923511[/url]


[url=http://www.target.com/Car-Audio-Amplifiers-Video-Electronics/b/601-8786646-6515358?ie=UTF8&node=13890071]http://www.target.com/Car-Audio-Amplifi ... e=13890071[/url]

and maybe if the cd-player doesn’t have an equalizer(gotta have that scoop), maybe throw that in there,

any help would be appreciated
Thanks! :smiley:

i looked at the front ones there the same 6x8s as the rear , i know they wont fit in the 6.5 slot but im good at fabing it will fit, so yes

now i have 4 6x8 Infinity R, 6812cf, power: 60RMS, 180w peak wnat should i use for cd receiver and amp combo, if i need an amp. thx