Taking my zx2 to the track for the first time

This is gonna be my first time at the track in years here in a couple fridays from now with a car i built myself. Its a 1999 zx2 w/5spd manual, Pacesetter header w/megan racing exhaust, esslinger underdrive pulley, and a K&N typhoon cold air intake. Have about $1000 to spend on some more mods, Anyone have some ideas?

Tires and suspension and good brakes.

I sell superchips :slight_smile:

launch very, very carefully

what chips do you have and why launch very carefully?

Here is my for sale thread on teamzx2 http://teamzx2.com/threads/13843-Superc … ed-6-15-10 all then info should be in there, if not let me know and I’ll do my best to answer.

He is saying launch carefully because our differential is weak.

o ok i’ll check out the site

Wait… after reading more posts… which track are we talking? Autocross? Trackday? Or drag strip? :lol:

dragstrip for now, i would love to be in autocross but dont know how to get into that. i live in northern KY i never heard of autocross racing in this area but who knows

Use it for a down payment on a car that actually goes fast