Taking care of Rust

Well I recently discovered that I have been getting some rust starting on the car. Right behind both wheels on the fenders and the bottom corners of the doors.

In order to get rid of the rust I have photoshopped an idea that I am unsure of… I like it but I think its missing something. Mike suggested doing a WW side and rear, with a shiny grill. I was thinking the WW already and Im going to photochop some more of the grill but if anyone else has any other ideas, im open!

[url=http://www.zx2ms.com/gallery2/v/Ironmark/paint+ideas/black-lower-lip.jpg.html]http://www.zx2ms.com/gallery2/v/Ironmar ... p.jpg.html[/url] [url=http://www.zx2ms.com/gallery2/v/Ironmark/paint+ideas/black-lower-lip-front.jpg.html]http://www.zx2ms.com/gallery2/v/Ironmar ... t.jpg.html[/url] [url=http://www.zx2ms.com/gallery2/v/Ironmark/paint+ideas/black-lower-lip-pass-rear.jpg.html]http://www.zx2ms.com/gallery2/v/Ironmar ... r.jpg.html[/url] [url=http://www.zx2ms.com/gallery2/v/Ironmark/paint+ideas/black-lower-lip-rear.jpg.html]http://www.zx2ms.com/gallery2/v/Ironmar ... r.jpg.html[/url]

sorry couldnt get the img tag to work for some reason





there you go mark

THAT looks sweet. Dude, you should totaly go for that. Now I’m wondering if I should do it to my 03. Don’t know if it will look as good, mainly cuz she’s white and what makes that color scheme work is the metalic on top of the flat black.

Looks good buddy! I’ve thought about putting on a black WW kit. I say go for it.

  • Darron

Melinda just mentioned that it makes the car look thiner and lowered a bit.

Marks car cant get much lower he has sprint springs