Tach install in a 98 ZX2

I jsut got an autometer tach used froma buddy for 80 bucks. pretty good considering its a 230 dollar tach. but heres the question

Where has everyone attached their Tach line to there wiring

I believe i need to use the green wire with the red stripe comming off the PCM but im not shure. Some info on what to do would be greatly appreciated


green wire with the white stripe coming off the back of the gauge cluster… i used to have a small one but then i grew out of the ricer stage and realized the stock tach works just fine and they do make shift lights

How do i pull the cluster out to get to the back of it?


It’s really easy. First pry that li’l piece from above the steering column. Then you have to take off the panel under the steering wheel. I think there’s two bolts. And the hood latch thing. Also unplug your trunk release if necessary. Undo a couple bolts from the shroud around the gauges (unplug power mirrors) and pull. Then remove the bolts around the guages. Then work the damn thing 'till you can get all the plugs out the back. That part’s hard if you have some meat on your arms, but if you’re a li’l stick guy it should be pretty easy.

  • Darron

what is this trunk release you speak of mine does not have such a feature and i figured it would since its a hot model

anyoen know wich wore on the back controls the gauige lighting?

That one! lol In otherwords…no.

  • Darron

Um i have my tach spliced into the green with white stripe wirfe liek u said and i am still getting no reading from the tach

do you have your tach run to all the other wires properly?and is the switch set for the right motor size?

i followed the back of the gauge cluster and it ended up being a different colored wire, maybe the years differ in color coding on the wires.

Works great tho, thns for the help guys