system for the z

ok so i wrecked the z and been to buzy to fix but now since i quit my shitty job and i got back from iowa so i could spend time with a girl im getin back into the z. the front evo bumper has been modded with a scoop from a celica. the rear will be modded as soon as i get corvette tail lights. please dont flame on what is coming up next. i finally bought the rest of my system for my car so i can put it in. for 400 bucks i bought a 600 watt amp, 2 10" subs 300 watts each and 6.5 component 240 watt speaker system for my doors. so all together that puts me with 3 12 inch subs, 2 10inch subs, 1 15 inch sub, 1 1000watt amp, 1 600 watt amp and speakers for the doors. as u all know the three 12’s and one 15 is going into the trunk in a custom box. well the two 10’s are goin where the rear speakers are. yes im putin subs as my rear speakers. this is a show car and i need a loud as system. im hopin also my car shakes badly from my system lol. :roll: i hope i have everything i need to make that possible lol. i have 8 days to make this car road worthy. as in putin the front back together and at least puting the rear bumper on and buyin a new underbodykit and neons for inside the car.

as long as i dont get no flaming for the way my system is going in comments are welcome :smiley:



If you are going for presentation, I think you are definitly on the right track. Perhaps you should go out and get yourself a nice LCD Monitor and cheap computer so you can play DVDs.

Do you know how to make moldings for your speakers? If you don’t, I would recommend learning because then you mount your equipment anywhere in the vehicle.

Anyways, it’s a real good start. Keep us posted with pictures on the process and how it is comming along.

sounds like a kick ass systems your building. We would love pictures man.