Suspension set ups

Anyones car too squirley in the rain. what are the specs?

Did some Hydro Planing on my way to Detroit for the Auto Show. It was winter time and I should have gotten some new tires for the winter, but I was poor then. I was coming down the hill too fast and hit a valley area where the water was flowing towards and began hydro-planing. All I did was pull on the E-brake a little to get some resistance to keep the car straight and to slow it down.

All is good now that I purchased some better summer tires. Now I don’t slow down much for turns at all. (gas savings, lol)

lol great explanation nick! (gas savings!)

I notice my car hydro plans sometimes (quite often, usually starting up a hill from a valley) too, scares me. Im running Potenza RE92’s, lowered on sprints, 21mm RSB and partial ES bushing install!

No issues here. S/R drop, 17"x7" rims with 205/40r17 Nitto Neo-Gen tires. Don’t even have issues starting. I think that the dumps just for some spin at the strip may have done more damage than the actual racing.

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I had swaying issues too. I posted this elsewhere (didn’t know how to link to the thread, not that it matterd, the subject was different).

Hydroplaning issues can sometimes be contributed to wide tire and light wieght.

You know, a good alignment job will do wonders for just about any vehicle. Last year I was late for my buddy’s wedding and I found myself driving in some heavy rain on the way to San Diego on I-8. So naturally I started speeding. My car was so stable up the mountains that I was wondering why I was passing some serious machinery along the way. When I looked at my speedometer I found myself going over 100mph. I backed off while admiring my Zx2’s high speed stability and manners.

you gotta check your speedo sooner! betcha it was 101! LOL!!

The only time that I fistailed in a car was when I drove my old 94 scort around a curve on a windy day. Im pretty sure that my bald rear tires werent helping the cause either.

since this thread was brought back from the dead…

I am no longer running the Bridgestone Potenza RE92’s. I did not realize how bad they suck till I went to Yokohama AViD TRZ’s. WHAT A difference tires can make. They are 100 times better then the stock Eagles, also.

With the yoko’s I have yet to experience hyrdoplanning. Also the tire life on these is phenomonal!

Yokohamas hun? I need to keep that in mind.

Now that I think about it, I did kinda drift my wifes ZX2 around an exit clover…of course it was snowing at the time… :wink:

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you called me hun =)

Don’t get your hopes, up, I’m engaged. :stuck_out_tongue:

To a very lovely lady too! Congrats!

205/45/16 with KYB struts and progressive springs with 19mm rear sway bar , Mazda Racer front and rear lower tie bars, full energy suspension kit including all and every end link with poly , and strut bar . The car is turboed and is very dangerous in the rain and snow if you drive like an idiot . But over all leaving most 4 bangers/6 bangers in the dust no matter what the weather conditions and wondering how a escort is faster than them …“priceless” :stuck_out_tongue: