Suspension Questions....

Ok so I think I’m eventually gonna tweak my new toy a little. Kept tellin myself I wouldn’t but I’m the type of person who can’t leave stuff alone… So

Looking at droppin the car just a little and wanted to get some opinions on kits, how itd look, clearence issues anyones had, basic stuff.

And also looking to upgrade the brake rotors before too long, looking to go with cross drilled and slotted, wasn’t sure if I would have a problem with the rotors being the same size or if that even mattered?

Oh yeah, thought of something else… go figure I would after I posted something lol. Anyone know of or ever did/seen a 5 lug conversion for the ZX2? Wanna do something different as far as wheels go… set of these.


I believe there our places online that have conversion lugs but not sure how that will affect the offset(you’ll have to Google it our lug patter is 4x100). With the cross drilled rotors you wont have a problem just make sure its for the zx2. I would get better pads too at the same time.

Yeah, I been looking around at different things, but man I’d love to have those wheels on there if its possible. Granted anythings possible :mrgreen:

You are right. Anything is possible…with cheese hahhaha


I wouldn’t convert to a 5 lug… you really wont see any benefit from it besides the lightening of your wallet.

I’d spend the money on a rear disk conversion before upgrading to 5 lug.

Got the S/R edition with rear disc brakes. Might upgrade the rotors at some point. But really goin for a different look

look at my project log, it should have pics of my drilled and slotted rotors, they’re from R1Concepts. I also have axxis ultimate pads with them and stainless lines. Big improvement ove stock stuff. For what it’s worth my setup is identical to the s/r in terms of hydraulics and braking in general, except mine looks mo’ betta :sunglasses:

Just curious cause I know no one here really likes them, but does anyone know I need to drop my car on air. Like air struts, air cylinders, or whatever? Really thinking about dropping it like I’ve been wanting too

It’s really difficult due to the mcpherson setup to juice or bag a zx2. I have a friend who has a egt on juice and the support really isn’t there for parts. Static drops are much easier to accomplish but then again they ride really rough. I don’t mind it much as long as the roads are good but in some areas they’re much worse than here. If the zx2 is your daily still I’d say leave it as is and save for your civic, which isn’t the advice you’re looking for but then again going back to my friend w/ the egt on juice he’s got a bagged f150 as a daily and he’s sol when something happens(ie bag blows out) on the truck since the car is also in pieces at the moment. I’ll check and see if he has any suggestions on bagging the z if you really want to though.

I gotcha. I actually wanna drop both my cars. Both because you really don’t see a whole lot of them done and they look good when they’re done right. But the let me know what you find out. I’m at the point right now that I can bag either of them cause I have everything but the actual cylinders/struts.

ok he basically had to hack the stock struts and put the cylinders in for juice with a pillow ball setup up top welded into the stock mount. said on air it was pretty much the same. Killed the swaybars too so it’d lay. There’s def. not any kit for it, it’s all custom.