summers over for me......

well… the fun I have had this summer riding my bike has come to an abrupt holt. I wrecked teh bike yesterday coming around a corner, lost control and dumped it, sliding acrossed the road.

Im okay, a bit broken and sore, but I walked away with my life and thats what counts.

You know what…when you said “bike” I was thinking pedal bike not motor bike… That sucks! Good to hear you’re okay though. What happened exactly?

  • Darron

hey some of us still ride a pedal bike … bmx keeps me in shape… but its good your ok … road rash hurts … hows the bike doing

Bike doesnt look that bad, mostly cosmetic as far as i can tell… Ill know more when I take it apart.

I was heading into a corner and I fixated on the ditch on the otherside of the corner and tried to brake… ended up skidding through a sand pile, bouncing off the road and up and over the ditch into the field on the other side of the ditch.

The roadrash burns like all hell… I got my arm all bandaged up, and that seems to help with the rash burn, but there is still dirt and crap in my skin started to get an infection in my knee where its rashed.

Pics will be up in a few…

Some of the pictures of the rash are pretty nasty so veiw at your own discretion.

Glad that you are mostly okay dude. Sorry about your bike. I tried looking at your pics but the screen said something about not finding it on the server so I don’t know whats up. Once again glad that you are still alive.


sorry I revised the links and made a gallery, forgot to post the new link

Yikes!! :shock: Well both you and the bike could have been alot worse. Thank God for helmets!! I take it you were wearing one considering there was one sitting on your bike in the picture. Are you going to get your bike fixed?


yeah thank god i was wearing my helmet… I bashed my head pretty hard on the ground. I am going to rebuild her. I started taking her apart already, to assess what the damage is.

MARK! Stop hitting shit!! You are a helluvalot cooler alive. I’m starting to think you are suicidal.

All kidding aside, I’m very glad you are ok, man. My friends brother did something similar to your accident, and he didn’t walk away.