stupid things done

This would fall under stupid things done we at Jayco are currently expanding adding 13 more to the shop and ever do some thing dumb and yah know it while you doing it its dum well i needed up with 6 stitches on one thumb and 8 on the other hand due to user stupidity. Ended up bleeding everywhere and my dad like the nut he is is like we will get it tonight put some dirt on it you will be fine… lol

What exactly were you using that you ended up with stiches on both hands? And don’t forget to thank dad for the sympathy.

  • Darron

Sounds like a party to me.

My father would say, “I always put your blood and tears in each project and that’s not a metaphor”

I work at The Home Depot. I hear how things happen in construction all the time . so nothing suprises me anymore.

And i dont want to tread jack but Jayco I hear your a Army man. Whats your MOS?
mine wasa 76 Victor and a 39 bravo. FT. Leanardwood Missouri./ FT Lee Virginia