stupid chics

I recently talked to this girl eho thought she knew everything about cars. She said that a BOV was used only for sound, and after being proven wrong by two people and a website, she still insited that she was right. She also told me that had replaced 3 turbos on her WRX, and the engined was still messed up…I WONDER WHY??? She said that everytime she raced it, she took it off…wow shes soo smart…lemme know what you think of this…

lol, that just made my day.

i know this is crazy she wouldnt let it go for nothing. after chris told her to go to the website, she refused and said that half the stuff online is made up…OK!!! cuz proffessionals post that!!

It’s chicks like her that give chicks a bad name. Why doesn’t she just admit that she doesn’t know jack diddly squat.


I want to say, let her learn when she has to replace the turbo. But I guess she never will if she is on her 3rd. Most people would have learned after the first. I bet she told daddy that she was just driving around when it happened.

Thats ok, i almost hung up on some retard today in tech support because she cussed at me INSISTING she knew a lot about computers and was going to college to get her bachelor’s in computer science but didn’t know what a freaking modem was. She actually mistook her modem for her god damned monitor.

Stupid chick or stupid guy… don’t claim to be newton or steven hawking and not know what physics are… also in hand don’t claim to be bill elliot or andretti and not understand what co-efficient of drag means… also, don’t claim to understand rocketships and have no freaking clue what NASA is. People amaze me.

Seriously GTO, have that girl read this post and let her know that she deserved to be slapped in the face.

I love laughing at the stupid people…

BOV for sound. Well, aftermarket ones are for the most part… Since they throw off your AF enough to make the car studder… LoL Stock though? Pretty damn important.

well man she dont talk to me anymore!! she claims that she has nothing to prove and doesnt want to show her proof of that shes right. she doenst deserve that WRX if she cant work on it right.

You should go smoke her with a car that weighs twice as much and has half the power. That should teach her something at least.

Or a Honda… Civic… :smiley:

nah recently i justs sold the GTO i got an 05 wrx with some minor stuff…fast as hell tho…with a Blitz BOV

Just for sound though right?? LoL

hell yea for the sound!!i might just take it off when i race tho!! cuz i really dnt need it