so the body of the z is gone but i still have some stuff

hks hi power muffler - 100 bucks
mustang gt fuel pump new in box -80 bucks
autometer vac. and a/f gauge phatom series - 50 bucks for the pair
98 ford contour v6 and wiring ( wont ship but will deliver ) -150 bucks
svt upper intake mani for the v6 - 60 bucks
4 195/65/15 tires two dunlops and two hankooks in good cond -20 bucks a tire or 60 for all four
my soul- ummm best offerÂÂÂ

:( I wish you would have finished it :P

Hmmm…I wonder how hard it would be to put that engine in my S-10…

  • Darron

$2 for the soul?


What’s with the Mustang Fuel Pump? Could you explain the thought process a little more?

255lph fuel pump, going lean is the enemy and i had an adj. regulator to avoid running too rich
and west texas… come one that all you got to offer a fellow straight edge?

HKS!!! You might be able to help me out here? Do you still have the catalytic converters off the engine? If so I could use them for my sisters car. Let me know!

Your right, I cant afford you. :smiley:

nope the guy that got the 4 banger motor got the cats cuz i just hacked the exhaust off right where they connect to the rest of the piping sorry … but maybe your sis might like a nice muffler or some fancy gauges? :stuck_out_tongue:

ack! nah shes having a problem with the cats… was hoping for a cheap solution other then the $900 bill that its going to cost to get it OEM / mechanic installed.

Hey Ironmark, I still have my junked 02 with intact engine parts. My 03 still has a couple thousand miles or so in her warranty. Make me an offer (and describe how to remove them).

02 contour?

Naw, 02 ZX2. Can that work?

probably not… v6 contour, not a 4 banger. If that were the case I have my old cat in the basement… but that gives me an idea…

You do realize that a CAT is universal. It doesn’t have to be from a certain car or anything. They only make them so big aswell, that is why V8 have two CATS on them.

The contour has 2 also I believe. I know they are universal, I was just hoping to not have to cut tubing and re-weld or couple together.

the two on the v6 i have are gutted the redneck i bought it from did it cuz they dont have emissions where they live

Mark, why pay $900 for an OEM when she could get a Hi-flow for cheaper, then have a muffler shop install it for like $100?

  • Darron

try explaining that to my father…

WTF, I wouldnt even have to do that… and Im 18.