Stuff for sale

ok first i got a fusion few-15 15inch sub for 100+shipping

pilot fog lights with strobe, angel eyes for 50+ shippin costed me 80

charcoal seats from when i did my swap. 120+shippin OBO

chins there black with a whiet tummy 200 Pick up only. only reason so high is there not the standered grey and a local chin shop wants omost 300. ill sell mine for 200 with a nice coat.

my soul. 5k and you can do what ever the fux u want to me.



lol chinchillas


lol I was starting to think you were in an underground market for plastic surgeons.

I knew what you were talkin’ about Fuzzy, but you may wanna be a li’l more clear with that next time. :wink:

  • Darron

can you send a pic of the angel eyes?

pic of your soul. if i’m spendin 5k on it, i want to see it first.