stuck axel

my right axel is stuck in the tranny ive tried penetrating oil and a puller and suggestions thanx

ok this might be a stupid question . did you unbolt half shaft support for the passenger half shaft. if you did use a pry bar between the trans and inner cv joint . it should pop out.

i ment the left differential side not the right.
but it will pull out about 1/4" and slide in and out but it wont budge any futher. there isnt a clip or anything holding it is there?

there is a c clip holding it in place. I normally use a large chisel and drive it between the trans and the cv joint that will pop it out.

I use two prybars and a spare set of hands to put even pressure on it. That C-clip is a bitch.

I got it out yesterday with help from a friend and a slide hammer.
But there was no clip holding it in, it was a small burr catching. thanx for all the help though.
I should have my z on the road again on wednesday, i havnt driven it for a year and im pretty excited to drive it again.