I have to replace my struts and i’m wondering what brand has worked well for other people. o yeah when i replace them i’m lowering it 2in.

The S/R Tokicos would be the best bet. They have a 2mm shorter shaft and a bit more fluid in them for better performance.

What year ZX2? The 2003’s have the Tokicos already.

They all have tokicos, but do the 03’s have the S/R version?

Yeah…Mark found out the hard way.

mine is a 2001

mine is a 2001

Honestly I haven’t checked mine, 2002, but I’m pretty sure we are out of luck. I will check tomarrow morning.

I ordered a set of the S/R tokicos from John Bleakly Ford (site no longer seems to be up… so this may not have been a credible company) as they were the cheapest I could find. Struts showed up in a Ford Racing box and I checked the parts #. at the time they matched.

well at lease you had an extra set forlater usage. :smiley:

They have updated their website, but you can still get them.
My strut states: F8C6-1A

While I was surfing the NET, I came accross a new company that sells parts: Massive Speed System. Be sure to check them out.

well i ordered tokico struts from they cost me $100 less than gettin them local. I also ordered lowering springs from the and strut stops. i can’t wait to get them

From what I understand the stock 03 tokico struts are not the S/R ones. I got a set for my 03 from Rob too. It was just time to replace mine, so I did my springs and struts at the same time.