struts for 98

I’m new and not very mechanical but, can someone help me on which struts to use with ABS. Been told need to buy from dealer.

I may be wrong about this…but the fact you have ABS SHOULDN’T affect your struts. You can pick up a set of Tokico’s for about $200 from ZXtuner or from My Ford Performance . Depending on where you live is where you should buy from. If you’re closer to the East coast your shipping cost will be less making MFP cheaper, if you’re closer to the West coast support Rob from ZXtuner. In the middle…ZXtuner. It’s probably you’re cheapest option. I know the dealer will butt rape you…it’s what they do. Changing them out isn’t really all that hard either, just make sure you get an alignment done after. Need anymore help, let us know.

  • Darron

See now, I didn’t think it would either. Here is a link to all the parts you can handle. Parts, Prices, Location