Story of the infamous CRX kiddie/tard

So this one night I’m coming home off of 97, noticed this little yellow crx fly by me. I thought nothing of it because it was some stupid ricer flyby, he continues blazing past me, pulls in front of a very nice Ford F150, NAILS his brakes nearly causing this poor fellow to swirve off the road. the guy in the F150 slows down, so does the ricer. My fiance says “Wow what a jerk! someone should do something!”

I get an evil fiendish grin on my face.

Downshift into 4th, speed up, fly past him, he at this time had pulled behind the f150, I pull up next to the F150… he’s trapped behind us… the fun begins.

The guy in the F150 is freaked out at first, wondering if i’m playing with HIM, as my girfriend is pointing at the crx laughing the guy in the F150 gets the hint, he slows down, we’re doing about 50mph on 97 with no one behind us but the ricer. He’s ANGRY, downshifting, revving, riding my ass, wanting to pass, afraid to hit the centerlane to pass for fear of what could be there or someone hitting him. 15 minutse later we hit my hometown, still by the F150, now we’re doing 30mph. This little guy was so mad I thought he was going to sprout wings, fly out of his car and beat me to a bloody pulp. Turns out when we hit a red light the kid is some highschool looking kid, probably 15 years old in a crx with some crappy fiberglass hood that sounds like a chipmunk in a blender, nothing special.

We take off, the F150 turns, the ricer sees his advantage! MUCH TO HIS SURPRISE a HUGE semitruck is in the distance, at this point we were side by side, so we are basically racing to the semi, the ricer having his horrible shifting has to decide if he wants to risk TRYING to race to get in front of me and pass me or if he wants to stay behind… his bad shifting left him behind me. At this point, i’m now side by side this semi, doing roughly 15mph now, the ricer behind me ANGRY as ever downshifts, lets me hear it, THROTTLE lets off… THROTTLE… lets off, trying to see if i’ll budge. To no avail, rice doesn’t intimidate me!

Finally we’re coming up to downtown, construction up ahead, 1 way 2 lanes, i thought “Well lets see how good this kid is.” So finally i drop into 2nd and slowly pass the semi truck let him get next to me, smile and TAKE OFF. The kid stays with me but the construction zone consists of MULTIPLE sharp BANKED corners, he was stock all the way, left HORRIBLY behind by multiple car lengths, coming up to a light it was orange, i continued on, wasted him up to the light, he stopped at the light. The infamous ricer crx had met his fate.

Only to find out a week later, my fiance was speaking to one of her friends who knew this kid. The kid seemed imbarassed to talk as she said the kid admitted to “rolling through town” but “wasn’t racing” and was “toying” with “some kid” then when i said “ohhhhh ask about the construction zone and why he wasn’t able to catch up” my fiance said her friend was laughing because she said the kid kept making up excuses acting imbarassed whenever we asked him and she said “Yeah the guy who kicked your ass in the zx2 is my friends fiance”. Saw the kid in town a month later, we were at a light, i edged forward at the light to see if he’d race, the kid just turned his head and wouldn’t look at me when i did that.

Ricer burned :slight_smile:

Nice! :slight_smile:

  • Darron

OWNED! There are alot of people like that with their cars. I always just let them fly by or rev their engine tryign to get me to race. Not worth my time. If they want to be soem stupid ricer then let them.


Damnit! Seems like im going to have to move out west if I want anyone to race me… .no one is willing to do it around here… and the only one that will already knows he can kick my ass… GOD DAMN GRAND NATIONALS!!! LOL!!!

Come up to the Buffalo area. Racing nights are normally on Tuesdays nights locations change alot and showoffs are on Thursday nights at Jafafa Huts.

Holland Speedway and Lancaster Speedway are the places to go for drag racing legally. It’s also safer.

But you could aways head up here, I’ll race you.


wait… thought you said she was away for a winter??

man that’s hilarious!!!

ROFL looks like you cooked the rice :smiley:

Well looks like you guys had some fun :slight_smile:

wish i can do that down here in missouri but full of crackheads im lucky to get a 1 race every 2 weeks :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude… you struck gold, there’s our motto. Every time before we roll.

“Lets cook some rice.”