Stocker rotating assembly stress ability?

If the stocker rods were shotpeened, balanced etc ya’ll think they could hand 7500 rpm? Im lookin for 10.5-1 pistons and the cams im using top out around 7500 rpm, wondering if I could get away with stock rods or if im going to have to blow the 500 bux on some eagles.

Just go ahead and spend the money for the Eagles. It’s not worth the downtime and headache to “find out” that they couldn’t handle it.

$500 Con Rods > Holy Block.

I’ve taken my engine up to 8000 rpms (accedently during a burnout) on stock rods, no issues so far.

By the sound of your post, it was just once. Repeat that everyday, and then I’ll be SEMI-convinced.

our limiter is 7,200 or close to that…

eah but I have chip, no limiter no speed governor. And I’ve done 8000 (or possibly a little bit more) maybe 4 times total, no drivetrain issues or noises and that was 5,000 miles ago. I’m pretty sure you can get away with just a head upgrade and if anything blows it will be your bottom end and then upgrade all of that and your good to go.

Well, i don’t think it’s the rods that you have to worry about. It’s the rod bolts. See, Ford fucked up and put in pussy bolts… probably like grade 8 or something. While grade 8 bolts can hold up pretty good in normal applications, 8000rpms is hardly normal. If i were you (being the guy who usually suggests that people do it right the first time) I would get the Eagle rods and the ARP rod bolts.