stock jeep flexin'

i wish i woulda had more time but the police and state officals had other plans for me that night… i cant wait to get a lift and find some real trails

in the first pic it looks like u took a chunk out of your rim
anyway nice pics hope u had fun

LOL! You reminded me of a month or so ago when I got my stock '84 S-10 stuck on a snow bank in a parking lot…weeks after it’d snowed. There was this one stretch of snow and nothing more for many hundreds/thousands of yards, and it wasn’t much more than a foot - foot ‘n’ a half high and maybe 6 -7 feet wide. Quite humorous. yeah, Jeepin’s fun. My friend’s got an…04(?) Rubicon with lift, mudding tires, snorkle, winch, and supercharger(;)). Pretty neat except it’s his DD and obviously…gas milage SUCKS…literally.

Anywho…if you get that lift make sure to post some more pics. :slight_smile:

  • Darron

I wish I had the money to make a rock crawler :stuck_out_tongue: I would like to get a jeep wrangler sometime :smiley:

youcan buy a fully built samuri ( 6 inch lift, 35"s , lockers ect.) for like 5grand … alot cheaper then a stock wrangler… same with old toyota trucks … all you need is solid front axle

i wanna get an old Scout…mmmm, solid rear axle.


A co-worker of mine had a manual jeep cherokee and went off roading all the time, last week he got stuck andd had his friends put boards under the tire, still couldnt get out. He left with his friend to get something else to try came back 15 minutes later to find fire trucks and police puttingout his jeep that was on fire. Bad thing was he was on private property and got ticketed for trespassing and a bill would be sent from the fire department.

How did it start on fire? Did he over heat it and just turn it off?

Yeah, how did it start on fire? That really sucks :frowning: I don’t even want to imagine how much that all adds up to be. Just the thought makes me go pale :shock:


LOL, I met hksZX2 this past friday…

Scout II… thats MMMMMMMM. A guy at my dads work and his father works on scouts all the time. They have like 4-6 restored to orriginal condition. When the guy isnt driving his early-mid 90s BMW, he drives the scout 2. Its like a blue/teal color with the white graphics on the sides. Its lifted slightly with like 30-32" tires I think.

He doesn’t know for sure how it started on fire. He says probably burning up the wood plank caught on fire and started other crap on the jeep on fire.

Doesn’t know? That means one of two things.

He wasn’t around when it happened.
He doesn’t want to tell you.

Either way, what a shame.

All I know is, Jeep is an f’d up car, its made of the cheapest parts from at least 4 if not more car manufactors, all of thier inline motors leak oil, thier pcms fry out majporrity of the time, and you replace pcv valves every 20K miles

actaully jeeps are just mopar … and the only other parts mopar uses are mitsubishi and thats in cars only …

On some of them the powertrain is Chrysler, the dash and radio electronics are Ford, and a module or two are Mitsubishi, and something else in there is Isuzu.

I live a “stone’s throw away” from the Jeep plant here in Toledo, Oh! My friend’s owned only Wranglers and hasn’t had a single problem with any of the three that I’m aware of. Most if not all were inline 6’s. I know this one is a SC I-6.

  • Darron

proof? and also all the radio components in my jeep are infinity … and said made by infinity for chrysler/jeep corp … sorry man im not trying to argue i just want some proof

My friend hasnt had any major problems with his 98 wrangler w/ inline 6. It has something like 52k miles. 4" suspension lift, 2" body lift and 32" tires, short ram intake, then 9000 lb winch and thick steel bumpers all around.

The “worst” things that had happend to it so far is 1. Radiator hose started leaking, and 2. Exhaust slid apart at a connection infront of the skid plate under the center (guess the exhaust is aftermarket b/c its like 2.5-3" cant remember). Those 2 things only happened b/c of offroading.

Then he has a 15" sub in a custom box I made behind his rear seat (it barely fits back there) and the speaker box thing that goes between the rollbars up top and an aftermarket head unit. (Sorry about rameling about stuff done to it) LOL