Stock CD Changer/After market Head Unit

Hey Guys,

Let me start by saying I recently acquired a 2002 Zx2 and have found this sight to be a welath of information. I’m just starting to modify my car a bit and came across what might be a very simple question (but one that I couldn’t find definitely answered elsehwere).

The car has the premuim sound package (6 cd changer in the back). I want to know if any aftermarket head units can control that. The few people I’ve talked to seem to all tell me its a choice: if you get an aftermarket unit you don’t use the cd changer. Can anyone confirm this? If there is a headuinit out there that will allow me to continue to use the changer, can you point me in the right direction. Although I haven’t done very much with car audio, I have a fair amount of experience with home audio, so if alterations are needed, I hope to be able to do them.

Any help is much appreciated. Again, nice site and keep up the good work.


I THINK there would be some modification needed. But it’s been so long since I’ve looked at it, I can’t say for sure. I just took mine out 'cause I didn’t see the need for it, and now that I’ve upgraded AGAIN to an MP3 compatible…DEFINITELY don’t need it.

  • Darron

For the price of some the new head units with MP3 playability you dont need CD-changers anymore. I am not sure whats involved in getting a new head unit to control the changer but I would just junk it and get the MP3 headunit. You’ll be able to have more music that way.

As with what the other guys where sating I would just get a new aftermarket head unit and use that. Not only will you get better sound but it makes the stock speakers sound even better. Plus most are mp3 cd so you cna just carry your whole collection with you :wink:

I think in the long run also you will spend less just getting a after market head unit.

Alright, so it seems I might as well just get rid of the stock CD changer and splurge for an aftermarket head unit. Any suggestions? I’m totally new to car audio (as I said). Any brands deliver superior quality? I was currently looking at the JVC KD-G420, cause its one of the few I found in the $150 price range with a front-side aux input. I have a first generation Ipod, so I can’t use any new “ipod controls” but instead have to go through the aux input. Any suggestions out there?

As always, thanks for the support. I really have found this site very helpful.


did you try best buy yet? they have some things that you can hook up the I-pod to the car. I dunno if it works with first gen i-pods but it wouldn’t hurt to check with or your local car audio place.

I personally use Alpine for my audio equipment. I like the quality but Its also a bit pricy.

i use pioneer thats just my preforance but i can get eclisp at a very good price if you want that high of a grade audio

The JVC I have allows the use of the 6-disc changer, I was using it until my changer crapped out on me, never got it fixed or bought a new one. No modifications were necessary.

I’ve used Sony units in my car and have been very please with them. I originally was looking at Pioneer before I got my first Sony, and that’s because my best friend’s uncle hooked me up with the entire system.

  • Darron

i like sony or JVC