Stock camber adjustment.

I am a new ZX2 owner. Is there anyway to adjust the stock camber? There is to much camber and it is wearing my tires at a very fast rate. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

you can rotate the strut towers to slightly adjust camber. In the engine bay, on the top of the strut towers you will notice a little rubber nipple sticking out of the top of the strut support. You can rotate that forward, backward or towards the engine for minor adjustments. It maybe enough to help.

Thanks for the information. I will try it the next chance I get. I sill cannot believe there is no adjustment that an alignment shop can do.

That is only one thing that an alignment shop could do.

Usually they would put it on an alignment rack and push the tires back into alignment. However… one bump and your out of alignment again (this goes for most alignment adjustments, on or off the rack).

If your camber is not too far out of alignment (within a degree or two) I would say its just the rubber your using. I had this same problem until I went with Yokohama AvID TRZ’s. The stock Eagles and the Potenza RE92’s I had used previous were crap and wore VERY quickly.