Still waiting....

Well…as I’ve said before I’ve got my camera all set up on my laptop, I just need the time help and place to actually do the filming. I’ll try to get it done soon…hopefully by next week.

  • Darron

Well we can do it here when ya come… Just a thought 8)

Hope it doesn’t come down that…I want it done sooner. lol

  • Darron


What are we going to be watching?

Not sure its been awhile… uhhhh maybe the header stuff??? I don’t know i’m lost, i need a new map.

Yeah, it’s just a vid of my car revving, taking off, coming towards… Thought of because of all my mods, namely ihe…

  • Darron

ANOTHER UPDATE!! I finally have it in here. Use this to see it. YAY!

  • Darron

Not gettin anything just a 404 code. Bummer. :x

Yea nothin, comes up page not found. CUMMON WHERES IT AT, QUIT STALLIN!!! Just messin. But its not working

Well…I clicked on it and it worked, so I don’t know what’s up. Anyway…It’s in the last gallery, I made it in a nested gallery called “Foo.”

  • Darron
The requested URL /gallery/albums/album26/1_3_Pull.wmv was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Thats what keeps coming up, it does it for all of your vids bud. maybe the path is wrong in the album for some reason. May want to have Chris look at it.

Okay…I’ll re-upload either tonight if I have time, and if not for sure tomorrow afternoon. Soory…

  • Darron

I DID IT! Actually, ZX2MS told me that the file sizes may have been too big, so I re-sized them and now they work! Use this to see them.

  • Darron

nice videos darron!

#$#@$@%@%#… cursing out the camera for frying on me…


BTW that jet hot coating on the header is sweet!


man Foos, nice vids but WOW u need to cut back on quality. It took like a min and 1/2 just to view a 6 sec video (stopping). I have posted videos (snowboarding of my friends) up and know that it sucks to sacrifice quality but just to be kind for 56k users, I cut quality. It only happened the 1st time I viewd it.

I DID cut quality! lol They’re originally 3.some MB each, but I just did them down to 2MB 'cause that’s the limit. I coulda cut more quality…maybe I will later…I don’t know. But if you’re trying to look at video with 56k you shouldn’t be suprised by long waits. :wink: I did it myself with my connection and it took maybe 30sec the first time viewing each file.

  • Darron

I have cable, idk, maby my connection was slow cause now it takes no time at all to view the videos. My dad might have been using the internet to download stuff taking up the bandwith

that shouldnt have slowed it down that much…

I have 4 computers sharing the same road runner connection here, and dont have problems downloading stuff at 300k/sec. Maybe they were having problems in your area at the time?


A lot of times it depends on the connection and the area you’re in. Some roadrunner supported cable companies will limit your bandwidth available. I know when I’m downloading things (i.e porn, just an example, I don’t necessarily support this) there’s a glass ceiling as to how much other things you can do. Like if I have Limewire (or any p2p network agent) running and I pop on the Xbox live and do some halo, u notice long load times and lag during games. NOTICEABLE! If it’s noticeable then it’s taking too much bandwidth. yadda yadda, zippie do da, zippie eh. yabba abbie doobie la goo fa do ray me fa so la tee do!

Sorry about that, split personality. :smiley: :twisted: