State Inspection&Emissions!!! LOL

Well, this morning at 9am I went to Meineke (sp?) to get this done cause it expires at the end of this month. I was sittin there waiting and I decided to get up and watch what they were doing, they plugged their system into my car and had the hood up. 2 guys came in from the shop and complomented me about my car (made me proud). Well I was watching their comp screen and it threw an error, then they ran it again, I was wondering WTF??? Then it did it again. After it threw another error, they lifted my car and grabbed each tire and yanked and pushed on em’ to check ball joints. Then they put it down and came in b/c they were done. I asked them how it came out and they said it passed by default. I asked them whats default mean. They said that their system couldnt read my computer. They asked me if I had replaced it or had a chip and I said no. Its stock on the S/R. So I got charged $44.47 and got passed. I now know where to go if I want passed after I do some stuff to my car. LOL

LMAO NICEEEE! hahahaha

Sweet deal!

how the fuck did you screw the PA state emissions they are pricks and i hate it lol

congrats haha

Yea, IDK why it happened? I have the XHG3 code pcm. Didnt happen b4. But its cool. Now I can mess w/ stuff. And guess what else I asked them. I questioned them on how they do cars w/ body kits and side skirts. They answered, “most of the time we cant get them on the lifts, in that case we just plug into the comp, check for error codes, and if none is there, YOU PASS!!! They dont even do a visual inspection underneat the car if they cant get it up. But if it is close to being able to be put up, they drive it up onto them using 2x6” wood. Hopefully my invader kit will make this not possible for them and I can gut the cat and put a straight pipe in it for the time being.

Nice dude! Way to stick to them “green” biatches! lol

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when i get out of school my buddy and i are opening up our own shop specailing in mantaining performace vehicles that most of shops wont touch like lowered or aftermarket turbo cars putting tires and aligning cars with big wheels stuff like that… and we will do performance work too… ohh and about the straight pipe they actually hook your muffler up to a tube thats a computer and gets a reading so i wouldnt suggest you run a straight pipe … im going to be running a electric y pipe so all i have to do is flip a switch if i need to

Ive seen those electric Y pipes on a site (I lost it) It has a butterfly flange in it and seals off the side exit so the exhaust goes through the regular muffler/piping. Then when you flick a switch, it goes straight out at the Y into the air/another pipe (really loud) and also can go down through your reg exhaust.

I’ve got a video of one…I don’t know where it came from, but I’ll put it in the movie gallery then post a link to it in a li’l bit here.

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