Starting problem?

When I go to start my '98 ZX2, if I just pop the key in and crank it, it takes a long time to start. But if I pop in the key, turn on the ignition and wait about 10 seconds, then start it, it starts right up. What the hell? Has anyone else had this problem? the car runs perfectly fine otherwise. I’ve changed plugs, wires and fuel filter, so what could it be?.. fuel pressure regulator? fuel pump? TPS? IAC? Anyway to check those parts out? Thanks in advance.

To better get an idea of what is happening…

Do you get a few fires here and there? Like it is trying to start.
—That could be a timing issue.
—Could also be a coil pack problem (not holding a charge between starts)

It just cranks and cranks:
–Could be a fuel pressure issue (regulator or pump)

Has the car thrown a cell/code?

Mirrorguardian is right. I Think its a coil pac prob. A little more info would help. does it take 10 sec with you constantly turning the key or you turn it to the on position then start.

No CEL, no misfire/backfire. Once the car is running, there’s no problem. It’s strong, it’s quick, and it gets about 25mpg, so I doubt it’s a fuel pressure problem. Well, I guess I’ll just start replacing things one at a time, starting with the coil. It is the original with 92k on it, so I guess it’s about time anyhow.

By fuel pressure problem I mean…there could be a small hole near the injectors that allows air into the fuel system and allows the fuel to flow back into the tank. It’s like letting your finger off the top of a straw filled with water. So the fuel pump has to re-pump the fuel to the injectors.

Mind you this happens only very rarely, personally on heard of this twice.

Coil pack is probably the issue at 92k if it’s the original.

I got a stock one I"ll send you for free. Came off my 03 at 60k.