Started Brewing My Own Beer

I got a beer brewing kit for Christmas, and I started it up. I don’t know how it will turn out, I did follow the instructions, but we’ll see. Any home brewers have any tips for me?

I do wine, but I can tell you one thing… FOLLOW YOUR RECIPES and CHECK YOUR LEVELS OFTEN!

I check the levels on my wine all the time. The secret to good wine AND beer is to make not only cleanliness but also being thorough in everything you do and being patient. Check levels, follow the recipe and when you start to understand it (because let’s face it, beer and wine making is actually a science, NO JOKE!) you will start to experiment and go “I wonder what’ll happen if i…” or “When i do this it…” and from that you will fine tune things in your brewing (or fermenting for that matter) that will make it yours. I’ve been doing wine now for about a half a year or maybe more, can’t remember and so far every batch i’ve done has turned out GREAT and i’m learning more and more.

Its a great hobby and pays off in the long run. But in the end I’ll still go to the store and buy a $10 bottle of sake and finish it in 2 days over my wine… :frowning:

Either way props to ya! Its fun because once you learn what you LIKE you can MAKE it the way you LIKE it and not have to go to the store to get it ANYMORE!

be very careful to keep everything clean…It’s a fun hobby…
to start off with; follow the recipes, then you can play with them to create your own when you get better at it…

Ah, free samples? lol, jk