Start a myspace for ZX2MS

Here’s a thought if it already hasn’t been done open a myspace account for ZX2MS to recruit new members and further our cause…Just a thought.

I believe then that the question of a theme song comes back into play.

very funny darth what do you purpose the star wars theme

I will start updating it this weekend.

More like a Star Wars, meets Magnium P.I. meets Indiana Jones.


J/K, I have no friggin idea :stuck_out_tongue:

ic well that wuld be different.

Why not the ZX2 song? LOL Who care’s if it was people from that other site that made it.

  • Darron

There is one out there. It was a rap. I’ve seen it and it is on a website for download. I tired to find it but no luck. Maybe someone will find it before me.

I have it on CD… I thought about uploading it the other day, but was lazy.

if its rap ill pass no offense…

She Sells Sanctuary.

Take a look at it before you say you hate it.

I’m looking for that ZX2 song on Limewire…

not on there

I have it on my computer. No need to look. I can give it to who ever wants/needs it.

  • Darron

Tom is zx2ms only friend? :? damn.

im the first on zx2ms on myspace whoooo i have no life…

LOL. Chris you need to delete tom off there.

The TeamZX2 song can be found here.

THe rock version is on that other zx2 site aka

Its a good version. HI daniel I gave you a plug.