starnge problem

what’s up people? haven’t been here in quite a while. anyway. i have a 99. i’ve been getting this skipping problem. not all the time. just once in a while. i’ve changed the plugs & wires. i’ve been looking at the coil. but when they go, they go. there’s no in between. (as far as i know) i’ve had the car looked at & no one can find the problem. i was hoping someone here really familar with zx2’s could shed some light on this illusive problem. thanks in advance.

Change the coil… mine crapped out slowly.

More description please…pretty vague.

  • Darron

I had a problem with my coil after my altenator went. My car would start up fine , idle fine…i could take off slowly fine…however when i did hit on the accelerator my car would buck. Sadly it was my Accel coil that went. Put my old factor one in and it worked great afterwards.

ok cool. i’ll order a new coil today.