Stage 1 Comp Cams

I have a set of Stage 1 Comp Cams. The exhaust is not for our cars (ZX2). I Bought these cams with a ported head package I purchases from another member. I have no need for these cams since I have a set of high torqe cams for my build. Cams are/look brand new NEVER ran. Comes with spec sheets and stickers for both cams. $200 OBO

Cam Specs:

Exhaust Cam:
Adv. Dur:@ .006 272
Dur @ .050: 228
Valve LiftL .381
Intake Specs:
Adv. Dur:@ .006 272
Dur @ .050: 228
Valve Lift: .381

hey i may be interested in the cams. how much change can i tell with them performance wise ?

I sold off the intake cam, all I have left is the exhaust cam and it will not fit in the ZX2 head only the focus head. We can swap with focus intake cams, but we can’t switch with focus exhaust cams because our heads are equipt with te VCT on the exhaust cams.

So if i changed my head with a focus head will i have more performance or can i even do that. I trying to get as much performance to my engine as i can

If you convert your head to a focus head you will have more performance options yes. The head will bolt to our block but not all the sensors will plug right in. The cam pos sensor is one of the sensors. Since a fofo CPS is on the intake and ours is on the exhaust.