SRY about absent's

As some of you know the wife and I are expecting a new arrival in a few months. I have been busy getting the nursery ready. Along with work and taking care of Colin I’ve just been very very busy with stuff. If anyone needs anything please feel free to get with Iron Mark I talkj to him on a regular basis.

Hey mike, glad to hear from ya. Take time to handle whats needed, we’ll be here.

I didn’t know you were expecting. How soon?

This ones for you roush

…wow Darth…just wow… Congrats Roush, and like they said…take your time bud.

  • Darron

Thanks for the support guys. The biggest thing right now is redoing the nursery. Since Colin’s room is all decked out we just cant give the baby a plain room. The poor person will think they are the basterd child at 1yr old. lol So I’m completly redoing just not sure on a final idea.

just be nice to this one and avoid all evil empire stuff…put a nice big red B on his wall…

Damn… now i see how long its been since i’ve been on here! :-o So much has changed… Still drivin the Z but i want another car!!! my dream car is a pearl white 350Z… ahh… anyways whats been up??