Squeling belts

Last weekend I installed the zxtuner black box and did the knocker mod. A few days later I noticed a little noise from the belts but was something I could over look. Now I cant ignore it anymore, the belts are noticeably louder. Im going to reconnect the knock sensor. But my question is: will the belts immediately stop squecking, and has anyone else had this problem? I also must note that while installing the blak box, half way through I reinstalled the pcm and reconnected the negative battery terminal so that I could roll the windows up and I heard the fan come on really loudly. This probably has nothing to do with my problem but just thought I should share. Any help would be appreciated.

This is why I recommend that you always do mods one at a time. Mods that have to do with the computer, engine or electrical.

This way you can rule out things easier.

Belts squecking have nothing to do with the mods you have done. This might be normal wear-and-tear and it just happend around the same time you did these mods.

As for the black box…Did you install a switch for the black box? If you haven’t, everyone here will tell you to install a switch. It is because the PCM we have learns and will modify itself back to stock with the black box settings.

I havent added a switch, I figured once I got to thepoint where I wasnt getting that “ooomph” at full throttle that i could just disconnect the negative battery terminal for like 15 mins and reset the pcm. That would work right? Normal wear and tear huh? I hate when cars make that noise. Would replaceing the belts help. Dont new belts make that noise too until they are broken in? Uhh. Whyd this have to happen.

Well, have you done your UDP? This could be a perfect excuse.

Is it your timing belt or your accessory belt that is making the noise ?

check the accessory belt first. I went through this right before I put on my UDP. My belt started squealling uncontrolably. I couldn’t figure out why, even belt lube didn’t help. Drove it for a month and half. When I went to put my UDP & shortened belt on I discovered that my belt had worn in ONE spot and was near the breaking point.

Check you accessory belt first.

Hey my 100th post :smiley: Anyway I dont even have the UDP yet, its an x-mas gift. I havent poped the hood to see if its accessory or timing belt. I would assume its the accessory belt because in park when I turn the wheel it affects the sound of the squeling. I feel like an idiot for asking this but power steering is an accessory right, so my guess woud be correct?

If you are getting the UDP for X-mas…I would hold off on the belt. The new belt will make some noise at first, but will quickly get quite once it is broken in.

The power steering is part of the accessories.

Disconnecting the battery is time consuming. Get that switch installed and use the black box only when you want more HP then turn it off when you don’t.

Thats what I was planning to do. Just hold out for the UDP. Im out of school so Im not driving it daily. Id install a switch but Im electrically stupid. Do you have one and how exactly would I install a switch?

You can goto your local Radio Shack to pickup a switch and some wire. It really doesn’t matter too much what kind of wire. Hell, alot of times I use speaker wire because has 2 lines connected already.

From the cabin, fish the wire through the firewall. Then isolate the power wire for the black box and splice the switch into.

I’m not 100% but you might need a double pole switch. So when you turn to “ON” it turns off the normal wire and turns on the blackbox.

You could always tell the people at Radio Shack what you’re doing and they can help you know what to do.

  • Darron