2 mons ago i changed my brakes. A week after that my pass side caliper started to squeak. when i come to a stop and let off the brakes to take of it makes a squeaking noise. I tore the caliper apart and rebuilt it but it does the same thing. It’s not causing any damage but its annoying me. Any ideas on what it could be?

Did you buy the cheap brakes? Do you recall?

The other thing is, check that little peice of metal that hangs off the pad that tells screeches because the pad is getting low. Maybe it got bent or something.

You did lube the brakes slides right?

im hoping everything was lubed right i had a mechanic help me so i know for next time. I’m gonna tear it apart this weekend to see if anything is bent … oooo and i put raybestos brake pads on

So…is this a squeek while braking, or just when you let off the brakes? If it’s just when you let off (what it sounds like you’re saying) I’ve noticed this on ALL ZX2’s I’ve come across. My car, my wife’s car, my friend’s car, and other random ZX2’s I’ve seen in parking lots/on the road.

If it’s a squeek while braking…What they said up there.

  • Darron

It squeaks when I’m stopped and let off the brakes