Sprint springs vs. Eibach

First of all, people say that they use 2" eibach I haven’t seen 2" for the ZX2.

Also… Sprint springs say that they are only for 97-01 models, would this fit my 02?

also which is better?

I have them on my '03 they will fit your '02. They will get softer after a few years.

As far as which is better, that depends on what you are putting them on your car for. IMO Eibachs are great for maintaining stock handling with a lower stance. Sprints are good for lowering and giving a more aggressive suspension. I am not sure what the spring rates are on either.

If you want to go all out get Ground Control coilovers. They are easily mounted on top of your stock struts (should be Tokicos) and are adjustable for height.

What are you looking to do? Just overall better daily driver handling on the road? Or do you plan on taking this to autocross and track days?

in order of ride firmness…

soft to hard

sprint - megan - zxtuner - progress - eibach - h&r - intrax

as for drop, they all are really close - the 1" to 1.8" measurements almost don’t mean anything, it seems they are all good for placing your tires between 2 and 3 fingers from the tops of the wheelwells.

i have both the s/r set up on my o3, and GC’s on my 98 i like my gc’s

^what spring rates do you have?

Eibachs do not maintain stock handling. There is a massive difference in stiffness… and if you do not agree then you really need to get out of a stock zx2 and drive one with eibach springs.

The proper spring depends on your application, as has been said.

If you want to go all out and spend a few thousand dollars, look on ebay for the next year and try and find a set of ford racing coilovers.

Next on the list is ground control coilover sleeves. 400 dollars new, custom spring rates, variable heights.

After that, you’re down to regular springs. Eibach and progress are my favorites.