So i didn’t find any info on this. Are the lowering springs on zxtuner.com decent lowering springs? Or should i go with eibach? Mind you im on a college student budget but i really need struts and springs. Cuz the struts are wasted and the springs are falling apart. And i would rather not go with quick struts from any place like advanced or autozone. Cuz i get a level 5 discount from both but the springs and struts on zxtuner are still cheaper.

zxtuner is the best! ok, i was paid to say that (zxtuner is my store lol).

seriously tho, of all the lowering springs out there they add drop them about the same amount, despite claims of 1" by eibach and 1.8" by progress for example.

to date, none of the springs i ever have tried have been “bad” in the sense of ride and longevity. Appearance wise, the cheaper springs use a cheaper paint and consequently can show some rust earlier than eibachs for example, but i don’t believe its bad enough to cause failure.


Your asking the wrong question… the rite question is what is your intent for the vehicle…