Spike TV - BullRun

Has anyone been watching BullRun?

I know that there are no Zx2s but I do think it is worth noting that the domestics are cars that have made it the furthest. I hope to see the TransAm or the F-150 win.

Honestly, I do like the show and just want to see if anyone else had any opinions.

The show is great. I think the TransAm should win too.

I havent seen in a couple episodes. Last I saw the f150 tore ass through that brick wall.

For anyone who missed any episodes or has never seen it and would like to see them, goto SpikeTV.com. Full Episodes with NO Commercials.

damnit nick, thanks for getting me hooked, lol

In the end it was Team TransAm that won.

If anyone cares, the next BullRun will be from Montreal, Canada to Key West, Florida. They are selecting cars from Cardomain. I wish I could do it, I wish we could get that guy who has the kick@$$ Escort from Florida were it to represent the Escort community.