speedo stopped working and...

some one posted this on teamzX2

The speedo is fed from the OBD-2 fuse, it is 10A. It is in the battery junction box. green wire
It also sees power from the 10A Meter fuse in the central junction box, inside the car. BK/YE wire
Then it goes to the VSS, it is the WH/BK wire.
It grounds through the blue wire. After checking the fuses, check the blue wire at the cluster from ground. Be sure you unplug the cluster incase something else uses that ground. The PCM does read the VSS but I don’t know how long it takes to set a code. Check between the WH/BK wire at the sensor and the WH/BK wire at the cluster for continuity. Might want to check the blue wire at the sensor for ground to. If it passes all these test then it can only be a bad VSS.

which makes no sense to me…
where is the obd-2 fuse?
battery junction box = the one on driverside kick panel?
what is a VSS?
is that a wire on ecu for speed?