Speedo issue

Hey guys. Haven’t been here in a while, sorry for the lack of attendance. Lately my speedo has developed a strange problem. After driving for a bit the speedo will jump up or down, depending on my speed, to 45mph and stay there. The odometer appears to be ticking off miles at the correct rate and no other instruments are affected. It is the sport cluster, 120 speedo with tach. I’ve seen plenty of inop speedos and other instrument failures on Escorts but never this particular problem. Any ideas? Also, did a data log with my buddy’s CRecorder and the VSS trace was on the money and no trouble codes or pending codes. Any ideas? Has anybody been inside the speedo/instrument cluster and noted any problems such as solder joint fractures, etc.?

update 4\21- Noted that the problem appears to be happening only above a certain temperature because as long as it is fairly cool the problem is not there.

Well, I gave up trying to figure out if I could field repair my speedo. Once I looked inside the cluster and noted the faceplate mountings were broken I decided to just replace it with a used one. Working good so far. While my guy was at the yard he found an S/R, but somebody had already gotten the cluster and the good stuff from under the hood…bummer.