Speaker Trouble! HELP!

Okay i recently just bought a 99 Zx2. The person that had it before me had taken all the speakers out so i had to buy new front speakers, i held off from buying rear seeing how i will be getting subs as soon as this problem goes away. Anyway, i bought 6.5 Rockford Fosgate speakers. Okay the speakers work outside the door, most times, but when i put the speakers in the slots, the doors back on and try to use them, any time i put the volume over half way the speakers begin to cut out and you cant hear anything. I can not figure out the problem, they arent grounding out. Its unexplainable. Is the stereo to weak for it… I have no idea. To much pressure on them… any ideas?

did you put in 6.5 components (tweeter and cone are seperate) or 6.5 direct replacements? If you got components you probably need to hook them up to an amp with a crossover. if its direct replacements then its probably a short somewhere.

Components or not they will work off the stock stereo unless you turn them up all the way. Not sure if you want your ears bleeding but I had Alpine Type Rs in my car for the longest time and they never cut out on me from not getting enough power. I would guess maybe a lose connection? Check all of your wiring first. Other than that I would recommend buying a aftermarket deck.

id say its shorting out on something in the back or has a broken wire…