Speaker replacement...

I’m going to be gutting the current sound system in my '01 ZX2 and replacing it with something a little meatier and I’m wondering, where can I find the speaker sizes for ALL of the stock speakers without ripping panels out?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I cut the back out in the rear and put Pioneer premier 6"x9" speakers in it.


Sounds great.

I was able to get other Pioneer premier to sit in the stock panel in each door without changing ANYTHING. The back was the pain.

If you want the meatier sound I say cut the back and do 6x9 in it. I’ve got 4 ways all around the car and a pioneer sub in the back off of the stock deck and i’m very happy.

fronts are 6.5" and rears are 5x7 and 6x8. U can use 6x9s but you have to trim the rear deck thing pictured above.

Yeah…use the 6x8’s. And the doors are supposed to be 6.5, but I swear they’re smaller…either that or my 6.5’s aren’t really 6.5’s…

  • Darron

my box and the back of my speakers say 6.5" but they are more like 6 1/8"

easiest way to find out size is go to http://www.crutchfield.com Fill in your car year etc, and it will tell you the sizes you need, for front and back, but it will also tell you which ones will fit with mild modification.

Everyone and their brother will say it’s supposed to be 6.5" I think it’s just the speakers I got were oversized…which is gay.

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you have to be extremely careful with the depths of speakers as well, because i bought a pair of infinity components for the front, and the large speaker was too deep to fit in the door, so i had to resell them and buy a different set of infinities.

yeah I agree with iOwnurface especially on these cars depth is a very critical issue, im running planet auido 3 way components and the midbase driver basket catches the window as its going down a bit and there already mounted an inch off of the door sheeting!!, its crazy had I put the speaker flush with the door frame it would dead stop my window about 3/4 of the way down. I also cut out the rear deck and mounted 6x9’s, Id say its worth it, just a little trimming.

Yeah, I have the P.A.'s too, but they’re not components.

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Just get a sub for the back… i absolutely love my audiobahn… its just a 10" but because the ZX2 is so small it hits hard… i only have a 200 watt amp… i need a bigger one because it over heats… but buddy does it push! just get you a sub and a couple tweeters and your set… f all the rest

I didn’t want to post this yet but here is my speaker project.

not bad… i’ll have pics soon