Sorry about the Downtime lately!

Its been busy and I just havent had time to take care of the spam that the site got hit with. Don’t worry though, I’ve take a couple more precautions to prevent it in the future. I may have lost a couple posts or newer user accounts by accident. If you registered before November 10th 2012 you are fine.

Again sorry about the issues!

~ Chris

No problem, boss. Just glad the site is still here.

I think I might take the site down soon. Any objection?

Heh. I can appreciate why. Pity, really.

It’s cool.

Hey man, life happens… then what do you know… 6 years later you dig out a DB backup and put it back online…

zx2 motorsports and evil zx2s are the two best fourms for the zx2 atm. there is feoa but thats more for the other escorts