Something strange is going on...

Ok, has anyone ever had a problem where there car starts to surge and die off at the top of 4th and in 5th?? My scan tool is down so I cant watch fp, but it feels like its leaning out. The strange thing is if you accelerate easy through 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, fourth and fifth pull fine w/o hesitation. It only acts up when you go w/o through all the gears. Its like the fuel pump can keep up full flow through them all. When it does act up if you let off the gas for a few seconds then get back on it, its fine for a while then starts doing it again. Anyone had anything similar happen?

i have noticed a hesitation in my car also but not to the point it would worry me… i mean dont ask me why it does that … imlucky to know its doin it lol :oops:

MAF or Fuel Filter? When is the last time you checked that fuel filter.

I would definitely venture a guess at your coil. And possibly the MAF

ok check this. I thought the same thing about the fuel filter, (original equipment) so I replaced it, and it got better for about a mile then started doing it again. The maf’s good the baro is in range and besides if it was bad it would seriously effects all gears not just the really drawn out ones. I have a spare coil that I know is good, ill swap that out and have a look. thanks guyz

lol figured it out finally. The baro pid was fine when I checked it the first time so I didnt figure that the maf was bad. Well when I checked it again today it was way off. Took the filter/maf housing apart and one of the bolts that holds the actual maf to the housing had loosened up and the maf was flopping around, when it would flop open it would lean out, when it would go back it would run fine, lol figures…

I don’t have a clue what a “baro pid” is…but I understand the MAF issue…good find! Glad it was cheap and easy. :slight_smile:

  • Darron

its ford designated pid for the barometer-sensor or in 6 wire cases the calculated baro number. but yeah it beats the hell out a $250 pump huh

pid = Parameter Identification Data

Hurray for zoidburg! lol sorry
So I guess we have more than one ford tech here?

Cool…I was confused by the “d” I thought it was a typo. :slight_smile:

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lol yeah I quoted futurama there for a second